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Map of Chepu

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How to get to Chepu Adventures

Where we are

We are located at Chepu, Chiloe Island, Insular Patagonia at the south of Chile.

Chepu is located 38,5 Kms SW of Ancud facing Chepu Wetlands, by the riverside of Puntra River.

Chiloe Island is located 1016 km from Santiago and 90 km southeast of Puerto Montt. To reach the island, you need to travel southeast from Puerto Montt towards Pargua, where you have to take the ferry across the Canal de Chacao. Ferries take buses and cars over on a regular basis, between 6:30 a.m. and 12 p.m.

How to get to Chiloe Island

By Plane

LAN-Chile has four flights a week from Santiago to Chiloe. We are app. 45 minutes away from Chiloe Airport. Ask about it to your travel agent.

Also available usual daily flights from Santiago to Puerto Montt.

By Bus

It takes 14 hours to travel between Santiago and Ancud by bus. Ancud is the northest large city in Chiloe. A good level of service and comfort can be found on buses which provide partially-reclining (semi-cama) and fully-reclining bed (cama) seats.

By Car

Santiago to Puerto Montt by car takes approximately 13 hours, taking Route 5 south to Puerto Montt, then head southwest toward Chiloe/Pargua . At Pargua, visitors board the ferry which crosses Canal de Chacao to Chiloe. The ferry ride lasts approximately 25 minutes. You get off the ferry at Chacao and continue on Route 5 South to Ancud. From Puerto Montt to Ancud it takes app. 2 hours.